Adhesives and Stickers ‘Stickers’: A World of Possibilities

Little by little, we have been adding new products to our portfolio. The most innovative are the adhesives and stickers, a product in high demand by print users and that we have decided to incorporate into standard products.

The die-cut stickers that we make can be used to stick them on your product, whether in a glass, wooden or plastic jar, to stick on folders or envelopes, or to give a gift to a client as a reminder of your online store.

You can even use them if you are an artist and want to act on some walls in your neighborhood, or to add as a label to personalize the boxes of our products, to correct or cover a logo if we are distributors of a product (for example, in some brochures that we provided by the manufacturer). In short, we believe that there are countless applications and we are sure that you can find yours.

Generally, adhesives and bumper stickers work properly if the fault is indoors. What does it mean? That if you use them for street marketing or in any action on the street, they will have limited durability and in three or four months the color can go away.

The adhesive we use is permanent. Once put on, we can start it immediately, but after a few minutes it will have already been set and it will not be easy to detach it. Keep this in mind: if you need it to start without leaving a mark, it is best to use polyester. We use this material, for example, for stickers that are stuck on laptops.

We have also differentiated the rectangular adhesives of the adhesives forms half-section at two different products. Very simple rectangular ones and we just print and cut them; shaped stickers are printed, die-cut and, if necessary, cut into smaller pieces.

Sizes and shapes

Regarding the sizes for the shaped stickers, we have separated the product into two parts. If you want them loose or on A5 or A4 sheets:

  • Up to 6 × 6 cm and inside the shape you want, from 50 units.
  • Up to 12 × 12 cm and inside the shape you want, from 50 units.
  • A5 size with various shapes inside, from 50 A5 sheets.
  • A4 size with various shapes inside, from 50 A4 sheets.

For shaped stickers, we recommend downloading the templates, which you can find on the product page below the photo. You can see an example of how the indentation is made and how each element is distributed by layers. It is almost essential in this type of work.