Who We Are

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Every story deserves to have a cover and a few pages that someone can flip through.

However, all the formalities and processes of layout and printing may be totally unknown to you.

That is our job and we are looking forward to helping you.

Metro Print Author was born in 2014 to help that author whose traditional printing press does not suit his needs.

The traditional print shop can offer 500 copies at a good price, but our authors need small runs and want their books to look fresh out of the oven.

Our authors do not write about something specific, each text, each thought, each project, each poetry, each story, each story deserves to have a cover and some pages that someone can flip through.

We are open to that collection of poetry from your adolescent years, or that story that your grandparents told you and that you would like to share with your children. Open your drawers, your old files, your heart, and let’s lose our fear.

A book is one of the most beautiful gifts we can make, on each page, we leave a part of our soul.